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Lisa and Mark are two funky, fun, fabulous, Torontonians (ie. we live in Toronto) Mark is an Ontario lawyer. He intersperses his internet addiction (or sometimes combines the two) with his work at the law firm of Blumberg Segal LLP also known as Blumbergs. Mark is very interested in the internet, Canadian law and of course Biltong. Mark recently launched a new website to help Canadian individuals and charities conduct global philanthropy and it is located at Global Philanthropy.ca Mark has completed an LLM (Masters of Law) in Tax Law at Osgoode Hall Law School. Lisa, the far cooler of the two (who has taken a little bit of creative licence since Mark made her write this) is the leader of this dynamic duo. She usually hangs out in a neat archive by day, not to be confused with Archeology!!! Which is also cool but a lot dirtier. Lisa has a Master of Archival Studies from the University of Manitoba. Lisa enjoys taking cooking lessons in her spare time.




Ethan posing for a magazine on children's food.


Further posing by Ethan.


Ethan after eating too much sugar.


Theo after eating too much chocolate.


Ethan pushing Theo through the zoo.


Theo as a firefighter for Halloween.


Theo and Ethan lighting Channukah candles.


Theo getting ready for sleep.


Lisa reading a book to Ethan's class.


Ethan demonstrating the finer points of Karate garnered from watching Beverly Hills Ninja once or twice.


Ethan at his fifth birthday party.


Lisa carrying Ethan's cake.


Theo demonstrating the virtues of recycling.


Theo leaving the Hershey's factory in Smith Falls with some of his loot - sorry again to Brandon and Su Yun for the kids staying up till 11:30 that night!.


Ethan and Theo at the Air museum in Ottawa.


Ethan and Theo waving good bye as they fly off to avoid their bed time.


Marcia and Ethan


Ethan with his niece Katie.


Mark speaking at the 20th anniversary of the Queen's Park Child Care Centre, an important work place day care centre.


The highlight of our trip to African Lion Safari.


Theo having fun at African Lion Safari.


Ethan and Theo playing with balls.


Theo taking a break from watching elephants.


Sasha, Jonathan, Marcia and Ethan.


Uncle Sean and Ethan at Jon's house.


Lisa, Ethan and Theo getting ready to watch fireworks.


Our neighbour Josh setting up a fireworks show.


Our neighbour Spencer.


Ethan and Theo.


Ethan took this picture of Lisa, Mark and Theo.


Theo taking a bath.


Ethan and Theo at Winnipeg Beach Day camp.


Theo deciding that he did not want to perform for free without any royalties at the Winnipeg Beach Day Camp final performance.


Filming of the Canadian show Falcon Beach at Winnipeg Beach.


Ethan having fun.


Theo after face painting.


Theo relaxing at the Winnipeg Beach cottage.


Ethan trying on the garb of a Viking at the Icelandic Festival in Gimli Manitoba.


Theo getting ready to fly.


Theo and Lisa on the merry go round.


Ethan with his friend Josh.


Ethan enjoying himself at an aboriginal dance in Winnipeg.


Scary Theo the underwater marine with his water gun.


Ethan surrendering.


Bubba Cheryl and Theo at Winnipeg Beach.


Ethan with grampa David.


Ethan at the Blumberg cottage making marshmallows.


Ethan with his cousin Molly.


Theo with his dad.


Molly, Theo and Ethan.


Theo with his friend Allegra.


Henry and Marcia with Sasha Bella.


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Lisa and Mark's favourite Toronto Restaurants!

  1. Thai Shan Inn -excellent Thai Food, huge servings and inexpensive - on Eglinton Avenue West of Dufferin.(2039 Eglinton West -416-784-1491)
  2. Il Fornello -the best pizza in Toronto (numerous locations).
  3. Terra -expensive but very very good (8199 Yonge Street -905-731-6161).
  4. Pho Hung -very inexpensive and delicious Vietnamese food (numerous locations)
  5. Swatow - inexpensive Chinese food (309 Spadina Avenue, just North of Dundas)
  6. Licks -for hamburgers especially the vegetarian garden burger.
  7. Greg's Ice Cream -for the best home made ice cream at very reasonable prices -try the toasted marshmallow flavour! (750 Spadina Ave. at Bloor (new location) 416-962-4734)
  8. Ferro Bar Café - excellent and reasonably priced Italian fare (769 St. Clair Ave W - 416-654-9119)
  9. The Indian Kitchen -delicious (7330 Yonge Street at Clark 905-881-0195)
  10. Ethiopia House Restaurant -for those who like Ethiopian food it is excellent (4 Irwin Avenue - 416-923-5438)
  11. Astoria Shish Kebob House -excellent souvlaki (390 Danforth Avenue, 416-463-2838)
  12. Churrasco of St. Clair -excellent Portuguese takeout barbecued chicken. (679 St Clair 416-658-0652)
  13. Yueh Tung Restaurant -excellent inexpensive ($5) chinese food (26 Elizabeth Street 416-977-0933)

These is one of our favorite cooking sites:

SOAR: Searchable Online Recipe Archives - This is a fantastic, HUGE recipe archives


Grandma Julie's Healthy Barley Lentil Soup
Joanie's Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad
Marcia's Cucumber Soup
Josie's Kung Pao Chicken
Marlene's Lemon Chicken
Cheryl's Chocolate Cheese Cake


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